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Two-day getaway Trikala – Elf’s Mill

The 12th edition has already started and is preparing for another impressive result. As for this year's story, it starts like this... "Once upon a time on a small planet in a vast galaxy there lived a little Prince among roses and volcanoes. As Christmas approached, the little Prince began to dream of a different world! So he decided to travel...

Byzantine Ohrid

DAY 1 Departure at 6 am from our city and via Ionian-Egnatia road we move to the border post of Nike to enter the neighboring country with the necessary stops of course. Our first visit is the town of Bitola and then we will move to Ohrid where we will spend the night. DAY 2 Breakfast and first visit the Byzantine Ohrid with a sightseeing tou...

Thessaloniki – Kaimaktsalan – Old Agios Athanasios – Loutra Pozar

SUNDAY 31/12/23 - 02/01/24 THESSALONIKI - KAIMAKTSALAN - OLD SAINT ATHANASIOS- BATHS POSAR DETAILED PROGRAM 1st day Departure from our city to Panagia Soumela via Egnatia Odos with intermediate stops on the way for coffee and rest before Ioannina. Arrival at Panagia Soumela. Departure to Thessaloniki where we will have free time for a wal...


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Changes regarding Covid and PCR fines

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